La Vie en Or

In 1987 we were honored with the fashion award Fil d’Or together with an invitation for a 3 day event in Monaco, even got a suite in the Hotel de Paris, met with der Karl, have lots of fun with Frans (Ankoné), Ivo (Weyel), Vinood (Matadin), la Bella Marpessa and of course our sweet daughter Carmen who joined us on this great trip. We even had a swim together with HRH Princess Caroline of Monaco and her children in the beautiful hotel pool! 

(p.s. Puck & Carmen dressed in P&H of course ;-))                     < click for bigger pictures >


Wanted: Puck & Hans designs!

Looking forward to our upcoming exhibition, for which we already collected lots of beautiful designs, we still want more! For example we are looking for these wonderful sequinned suits from our ’78 Vondelpark Show collection!paillet-78

Thanks Ruud & Mary Blok for this great picture!


show84mantelsbruin copy

For our 2017 exhibition we are searching for our designs we made between 1967 / 1998.

If you have old P&H items, or may be your friends, aunties or other lovers of fashion:

please inform us at      Most obliged!


Natural Elegance

Spring ’76

Our Puck & Hans design collection was inspired by mixing natural materials: unbleached and non-treated Belgium linen, cotton lace from Switzerland, satinated wool from France, pure silk from India, straw hats from UK, leather shoes made in Italy: all mixed on our sublime Japanese Sayoko mannequins: 100% pure & international elegance!linnen etalage '76

Pleats Please!

PICT0437smlOur Christmas 1973 Puck & Hans window with our beautiful – one of a kind – padded and embroidered silk satin jacket with pleated details and pleated long skirt. We wished we knew who bought this item, would be wonderful to see it back one day!

Go South Mattijs!

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 13.02.36

The wonderful exposition of Photo to Fashion by Mattijs van Bergen was opened by a splendid show in which Mattijs showed us his incredible craftsmanship and his creative and delicate style. He inventively used photographs from the Nederlands Fotomuseum archives in his prints. We hope this collection will launch him forward e.g. to a position and collaboration with a Paris’ based couture house, where he really would be able to unfold his mastership!

Also on view in the Fotomuseum (till January 2016) a great exhibition of the pictures of Horst P. Horst

photos above of the show with Mattijs (r) photos © Hans Kemmink

Picture (l) Puck & Hans after the show (photo © Mimi Berlin)

Is bigger better?

For our 1993 ‘Jubilee Collection‘ we were inspired by Dutch culture. In the show models appeared with eye-catching make-up and silver corn spikes sprouted from their hair. Together with the ambiance of the desolated Westergasfabriek the show was an almost religious experience.

We were very pleased to see the pictures of the 2015 Viktor & Rolf (whom we admire) couture show to see how elaborated corn-spikes formed a truly great work of art! Bigger is better, chapeau for V&R!

photo left: Carmen Kemmink / Styling: Marije Goekoop & Jos van Heel / Hair and Make Up: John Kattenberg for House of Orange

Silk and Lollies

sayoko window 77

Our most favourite mannequin/supermodel ever ever was Sayoko. Her appearance on the catwalks was just magic. Adele Rootstein made a wonderful figure-copy of her. We could really dress her up with whatever we had in mind. Her cool Japanese look was just hypnotising!

On this polaroid of our window she is dressed in our silk dress and jacket, all happening in the wonderful year of 1977!

Also have a look on one of our previous posts called ‘SAYOKO’

African Gipsy

  tumblr_n46zx4ADRh1sj3omto3_1280Masha Hunt was not only known for her outrageous hairstyle (her silhouette appeared on the poster for the London production of HAIR), she also had an affair with Mick Jagger. Hunt gave birth to Jagger’s first and her only child, Karis. Anyway she inspired a lot of fashion designers and stylists, as illustrated in the pictures below with our ’93 African Gipsy theme. (all clothes by Puck & Hans except for JPG trousers). Photo Marc de Groot / styling Marije Goekoop for Dutch ELLE magazine.

elle afro print 93

The picture below was taken during our spectacular fashion-show at the infamous Now and Wow club in Rotterdam (1993) (styling Ruud van der Peyl)show rdam

The ARTIS Fashion Show 1974

This was a fabulous show which we gave in Artis, the Amsterdam Zoo.

Model wears silk jersey top with embroidered waist. By the use of this material we tried creating more sophisticated and lean, more minimal designs, away from the ’60’s flowered chiffon dresses. Top and shoes all by Puck & Hans

Beside our own designs we exclusively showed some knitted pieces by Kansai Yamamoto, in those days David Bowie’s favourite designer.

More pictures soon to follow.


Let’s Drape!


Drapery never out of fashion…

In the picture above: jersey body with attached mixed silk and metal changeant. Satin belt with attached silk chiffon. Picture by Toni Meneguzzo and styling  Franciscus Ankoné for Avenue (1991).

On the left a detail out of the SS2014 collection of our former apprentice and fabulous Haider Ackermann

20 Years Viktor & Rolf

DSC04901A wonderful party was held at the Stedelijk Museum in honor of the 20 Years Jubilee of Hollands most fabulous fashion-designers ever: Viktor & Rolf. A beautiful special edition of Vogue Magazine was presented by editor in chief Karin Swerink. The New York singer and personal friend of Viktor and Rolf Joan As Police Woman (who also made the music for V&R s/s ’14 show in Paris) opened the night with a very Happy Birthday song.

All photographs copyright Carmen Kemmink / Hans Kemmink

WoolWeek 2013


Patronized by HRH the Prince of Wales this year’s Campaign for Wool is bigger and hotter than ever, His Royal Highness Prince Charles even had his own herd of sheep pictured in the Royal Backyards of his palace to support the advantages of this pure natural material.
We were asked by the “Wol-Instituut” in 1970 to make a design for their campaign in which the fluent suppleness of wool was emphasized. In this picture by Dirk Kooyman you see our flamboyant red wool minidress with attached pelerine.
wolinstituut reclame1 copy

She as He

The famous fashion-designer Haider Ackermann (a former intern with us) was invited as a guest-editor for this week’s NRC Weekend Magazine (magazine #13, september 2013).


Not only he gave some striking inside stories about the women he admired, also his beautiful clothes were pictured in a fashion-shoot by renowned photographers Blommers and Schumm.

The story was titled ‘She as He’. Haider: “A woman leaving her lover in the middle of the night, wearing his clothes; supersexy”

All clothes in this picture by Haider Ackermann

His theme and fabric made me think of some of the great suits we did in silk, somewhere in the 80’s. We purchased the fabrics  from Lyon, a left-over stock from an old ‘cravattes’ factory. Please read our previous story about Haider: “Sweet Haider”



Clothes both pictures by Puck & Hans

Fetishism in Fashion


In Arnhem just opened a very interesting exhibition called “Fetishism in Fashion’, curated by Lidewey Edelkoort.

For me, one of the few really tickling fashion-fetish accessories is perhaps also the tiniest.


Thanks to Marlene Dietrich, who made a fascinating appearance  in “Der Blaue Engel” (1930), showing off jarretelles on her infamous legs, this little ingenious piece of silk, rubber and metal became  a metaphor of sexual desire! Later fashion changed, of course, and the jarretelle got a bad reputation, until Chantall Thomass reintroduced it again in the 70’s in her fabulous lingerie collection.

In the picture below you can see our stunning design (1991) with the use of only 1 jarretelle. This pinstripe garment was designed from 3 different united items: a short, long trousers and a long skirt. The name of the design was “Secret” (for us also known as the pant-skirt-short ). It was so fabulous and looked so great on all of our customers that we were sold-out in a couple of days!

krantprint22photograph by Carmen Kemmink – blouse designed by Carmen Kemmink – Pant-skirt-short designed by Puck & Hans

Douze Points

teach in 19755

1975 was the very last time The Netherlands won the Eurovision Song-contest. Teach-In with their singer Getty – dressed in PUCK & HANS  (hand-painted flowers silk chiffon top and long crepe skirt) – scored these historic highest points.



This year amazing Anouk shall represent our country. Will she be able to score enough points with her powerful yet simple ballad, Birds? We bet she does!!

Picture by Marc de Groot               Anouk 2nd from left


Tonight the Met Ball will open in New York. The theme is PUNK and to our mind popped the Spring Fashion Ball of 1975 at the Hilton Hotel Amsterdam. Puck (3rd from right) wore a dress which was kept together with lots of safety-pins. Also her hat was at least what you can call ravissant! One of the first signs of the new and upcoming PUNK trend. 



Further in this awesome picture we spot: Stylemeister Ming (left), Terrific Ted(3rd from left), Hans (with glasses), the late and fabulous Janaika (all in pleats, created by Berry Brun) and far right stylist Frans Ankoné, just looking very cool!

Left: Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols in 1977, at the height of PUNK.

Jean Paul Gaultier

From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

This amazing, wonderful and breathtaking exhibition of the Fashion-World of Jean Paul Gaultier is now running in Rotterdam’s Kunsthal. We had the pleasure to be at the opening were Gaultier in his speech not only mentioned our early and longtime collaboration but  to our great pride he also praised us as ‘great designers’ and he well remembered our ‘beautiful shop’ while visiting  Amsterdam. Respect!

The exhibition is not to be missed and is running till May 12 – 2013


Sometimes we’re asked why we didn’t do a lot of man’s clothes – as an excuse we’ll always say we were to busy with the ladies.                                             

Seeing the wonderful Martin Margiela for H&M men’s collection (on sale November 15) we were pleasantly reminded of our faux fur coat for men we made for our winter ’94 collection. (faux fur coat, wrinkled stretch shirt, patchwork waistcoat, pinstripe jeans, silk taffeta jacket: all by P&H). Published in MAN magazine october ’94

All the man’s looks for the ’94 collection were based on how Hans dressed in the late 60’s (grey silk taffeta suit, wrinkled shirt, silk and silver leave scarf: all by P&H) Photo Carmen Kemmink – Styling Jos van Heel – Hair & MakeUp John Kattenberg

Snapshot from Hans/1969 – dressed in Ossie Clark metallic leather biker jacket and pink woolen pants

A picture by Inez

Inez van Lamsweerde was still a student at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy when she took this beautiful picture of our long lace dress. Très Funky!
Our approach was a little more ironic. The simple scene in our window portrayed the young and arrogant newly widow (see the wreath),  dramatically dressed in iconic symbolic lace, not hiding her face, but accentuating her gorgeous body.
The dress was a tremendous success.


* 1 9 9 1 *

Meditations on Style..

Sometimes it’s necessary to take a  look at the ongoing trends in fashion and to make a strong opposite statement in order to get a different and fresh approach. The explosion of color in our summer ’91 window went against the trend of beige, greige and more of the same in these boring follower-of-fashion-days. This window was an ironic presentation against  safe and dull fashion. It was an instant success. Watch the details.

Garden Party at Viktor & Rolf

V&R’s incredible garden at one of the most beautiful canal-houses in Amsterdam served as a backdrop  for  their “Off  Calendar”  garden  party.

The  internationally famous fashion duo  mixed in a  very  pleasant  way  with  the  invited Dutch celebrities from fashion, theatre, architecture and arts.

MOAM Amsterdam


‘An ambitious project curated by Martijn Nekoui, concludes his graduation exam from the branding department at Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). The gallery space and the show itself evaporated the invisible international style we often look for, which is sometimes hard to find. Congratulations Martijn for undressing Dutch fashion history!’  

excerpt from an article by Diane Pernet

In this picture some ‘legends’ gathered with Martijn Nekoui.

Left to right:  Puck Kemmink, Frans Ankoné, Frans Molenaar, Hans Kemmink, Constance Wibaut, Martijn and Linda Spierings.

Photo by Laila Cohen

Martijn’s graduation project turned out into a fabulous fashion-exhibition in which he presents the work of 12 icons of Dutch fashion-history combined and re-interpreted by contemporary talents. He showed such a daring but idealistic enthusiasm  in which we easily could recognize our own first steps into the fabulous fashion-world! So we were really pleased Martijn asked us to join the exhibition in collaboration with Nelleke Strijkers (SPRMRKT).  (in this photo Nelleke and Puck)

The brilliant catwalk performance of  Linda Spierings in our 1984 fashion-show was sublimated  by Nelleke into a beautiful video called Satisfaction“. (Nelleke also was a participating mannequin in our ’84 show).

GALLERY FONTANA FORTUNA – until June the 30th. Keizersgracht 105, 1015CH Amsterdam. Open: Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 2PM – 6PM.

< Frans and Linda

Herald Tribune goes Blinkie

This silk jersey P&H t-shirt from 1991 became a much sought after vintage item and is today beautifully pictured by Ferry van der Nat, who himself is not only a vintage clothes collector, but a multi-disciplined person with a great taste for just anything gorgeous!


photo: Ferry van der Nat, model: Blinkie @ Hakim Model Management, hair: Bert Visser 2012
Our talented daughter Carmen‘s graduation collection (1991) for the Arnhem Academy for Art and Design was called “Information Overload”. For that theme she used the Herald Tribune newspaper as a print.  After her studies she joined our design-department for 1 year after which she went on with her career as a fashion-photographer. We took in production Carmen’s whole graduate collection which was an instant success!

Sweet Haider!

In 1993 we were in ‘business’ for 25 years! To celebrate our Silver Jubilee we organised a huge show in a deserted factory. In order to design a ‘fabric-print’ we had our picture made in the picturesque village of Volendam were we dressed up in the beautiful local costumes.

Here you see our ‘Tableau de la Troupe’ with some of our staff and if you get a better look at this friendly smiling chap on the left: .. yes, this cute fisherman is Haider Ackermann. He was an intern with us in these days and everybody just loved sweet Haider!

from left to right, last row: Haider, Irma, Emile, Ans, Arnold, sitting: Esther, Hans, Avery, Puck, Donette and laying: Carmen.

This is the final result ( and you can spot Haider already on top 🙂 ) which we printed on silk organza’s, satins and on a lining quality. The scarf symbolized our early starting days in the 60’s, when we experimented with lots of different fabrics and also used vintage fabrics and scarfs, which we used to buy by the kilogram! Well, till so far the sweet memories for these days!

In another and forthcoming post I’ll be happy to show you some more on our Silver Jubilee Show!

These pictures undoubtedly show Haider is definitely in his element backstage during The Silver Jubilee Collection show. Of course we are immensely proud he grew into the great designer he is today!!

The Incredible Vogue Launch Party

Such an exquisite crowd of beautiful people filled Felix Meritis in Amsterdam that no doubt VOGUE magazine must become a tremendous success in The Netherlands!

photos by Carmen Kemmink

La Kristel

As an addendum to our previous post herewith some pictures of the ever so stylish Sylvia Kristel. In this picture published in VIVA magazine (around 1972) she is wearing all Puck & Hans. Also in the picture Franciscus Ankoné, wearing P&H checkered blazer. See Sylvia and Frans in our post: Let’s Vogue II.Here she is dancing the night away (outfitted by P&H) with her great new lover, the well known Belgian author Hugo Claus.

Let’s Vogue II

Queuing a long line to get our copy of Bart’s book signed! An instant success and a raving 8 page review  in Dutch Vogue magazine, written by the queen of fashion-interviews:  Fiona Hering.

Here she is (r) together with our daughter, fashion-photographer Carmen Kemmink (l).

The first copy was handed to Sylvia ‘Emmanuelle’ Kristel. Before she got international acknowledgement she often modelled in Bart’s shoots (early 70’s)

from left to right: Franciscus Ankoné, Linda Spierings, Sylvia Kristel and just behind her Bart’s son (sorry Django..), Bart van Leeuwen and his wife Irah , Bart Nieuwenhuijs.

For the occassion Studio Angel was transformed in an art-gallery depicting some of Bart’s magnificent works. The picture below shows a pinstripe-suit together with a hand-printed silk Herald Tribune shirt (see Suzy Menkes’ comment here). All by Puck & Hans  from Carmen’s successful graduation collection (1992). Before she became a fashion-photographer she graduated in Fashion Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem         Of course I was greatly pleased by the sight of the picture (below):

Bart van Leeuwen’s wonderful and well written life-story is a page-turner and deserves  lots of readers! We also hope that an English translation will be available soon!

Thanks Bart!


an autobiography by Bart van Leeuwen

This book is a fascinating autobiographical story of the life of a famous Dutch fashion photographer. He travels, photographs, gives guestlectures and readings, meet many writers and artists, hold exhibitions, all very successful. Until he is hit by a freakish muscle disease, Myasthenia Gravis, which changes his life dramatically.

Have a look at the amazing video and buy this highly recommended book!

These are some great pictures Bart shoot of our clothes for the Dutch VIVA magazine ±1973. Shown left silk chiffon blouse with antique embroidery, rayon crepe skirt, snakeskin pumps. On the right cream silk jersey long dress. Styling Anneke de Leeuw, model Margot.  Thanks Bart!

Uitgeverij de Brouwerij | Brainbooks

Great Styles!

1 9 7 6 

Here we are in front of our 1st store in Amsterdam’s Rokin 40.

The store was only 3 meters wide and often so many clients visited that we could hardly move for- or back-wards! The interior was inspired on a visit we made to Marrakech. By the use of light grey materials and aluminum the shop radiated a fresh modernity

Later we were joined next-door with Holland’s most famous shoe-designer Jan Jansen

Our “Vendeuses de Luxe” showing above: Ellen (l) wearing hand-painted pleated silk chiffon dress (what a beauty), Veronica (r) wearing silk jersey harem-pants and silk chiffon strapless tunique. On the right: Veronica wearing silver brocade jacket.
Picture right: Veronica wearing black velvet coat trimmed in red satin.
Great and very wearable styles!
all pictures by Anna Beeke – from the book: ‘k heb niks om aan te trekken’ © 1977

Short Cut to Egypt II

What finer description of our ’78 show than quoting this article in the Holland Herald:

“A huge white tent in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark, white doves fluttering over the catwalk, was the setting for the most exciting and original fashion show seen in Holland for a long time. The autumn lines of Dutch designers Puck & Hans received a unanimous accolade from fashion writers, ” Rarely have I seen a collection so consistently well thought out with not a moment of monotony,” wrote one critic. “It’s bound to arouse international interest,”

 Puck and Hans, the creative team who own a shop on Amsterdam’s Rokin, rely on impeccable quality and finish more than elaborate gimmicks in their hand-made clothes. There’s attention to detail, unusual cut and beautiful trimmings. This year Puck and Hans have achieved a rare balance of making clothes that are daringly different, yet not outrageous. Part of the collection was inspired by a recent trip the couple made to Egypt.”   So far this quote from Holland Herald magazine.

The show was such a tremendous success that the next day we completely sold out the whole collection!

Let us fill you in with a few ‘behind the scene’ details: the beautiful hair & make up by Augusto & John for A&J, masterful styling by Franciscus Ankoné, the steaming quadrophonical sound-track was exclusively composed for the event by avant-garde composer Michael Fahres, photography for  our invitation Wout Berger and last but not least: Mr Cees Goekoop, alderman at the Amsterdam city council, who so smoothly arranged a very exceptional official ‘vergunning’ to let us build a huge tent for more than 1500 guests in the romantic Vondelpark!

As accessories we used staggers which we had bought in an old Caïro bric-a-brac store,  shoes were specially made in France, fabrics we got from England, India, Italy, France and we used the most beautiful sequined fabrics and silk organza’s from Swiss manufacturer Jacob Schlaepfer. Very beautiful but really tres- haute haute-couture costing!  A boy who worked in our shop was so in love with this material a dress was specially made for one of Holland’s first fashion-gender-benders!

He helped making Amsterdam in one of the most gay-friendly and party-going cities in the world. He also was one of the reasons Jean Paul Gaultier and Gianni Versace visited Amsterdam so much in the ’80’s. An extremely lovely and beloved person. We’ll always keep the best of memories from him. His name was Ries . . .

A nice picture of gorgeous Appolonia van Ravenstein, AKA Apples, AKA Plonja, all dressed in Puck & Hans pure silk handwoven check top and skirt and suede star-hat.

These were the ingredients for our ‘Trip to Egypt’ invitation: Hans with Puck, who is ready to get behind the wheel of their Citroën DS23 and model Mieke posing for Wout on the border of IJsselmeer. No Photoshop in these days: the pictures were composed together with scissors and glue!

We’re Back! ;-)

*   *   *    A little joke to wish everybody a very prosperous New Year!   *   *   *  

( May be this needs some explanation?  I took this picture Nov 2010 and it is published in the collection of Art Unlimited. Originally this photograph carries the name of the department-store: ‘De Bijenkorf’.  For this opportunity however I changed it into our names, as there are still lots of women wanting us to re-open our old store! (which was much smaller! ))


CHRISTMAS.. for a lot of people a moment of reflection and bowing down in worship.

These pictures are from our ’86 Xmas-window in Amsterdam. The window reflected in a simple way what Christmas is all about.. the serene scenery was stunningly beautiful. Apart from the fabulous floor-length(!) wig you may spot a small baby lamb and a cute bambi in the front which were lent to us by the Natural History Museum in Leiden. It gave the scene a very idyllic feeling.

The morning after the ‘making of’ a group of people gathered around the display. Had they come to worship the birth of the holy Child? No, they were members of the ‘animal liberation front’!

They insisted in a threatening manner that our little  stuffed sweeties should be removed from the window because by only the sight, people were  encouraged to kill animals. It took us almost an hour to convince them of the innocent spiritual intentions and finally they left the shop, bowing in worship!

 Merry Christmas to all animal lovers!!

We love weddings.. II

Yes, we do love weddings and if we look at the beautiful pictures in the brand-new magazine PARK, Dutch model Linda Spierings did it again!

Famous photographer Bruce Weber shoot a great story of the party, and ooh man.. if she is ever going to ‘marry’ again, I certainly  would love to make the pictures! 🙂

This is a picture of Linda during the final of our AW84 fashion-show. Though the dress was a last-minute made up to her glorious meausures, we were quite happy that due to her awesome performance (in the 17th century Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam) the dress did not slip her body (see her in action on one of our previous posts ) !

photograph by Reinout Mulder for Puck & Hans ©