Short Cut to Egypt II

What finer description of our ’78 show than quoting this article in the Holland Herald:

“A huge white tent in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark, white doves fluttering over the catwalk, was the setting for the most exciting and original fashion show seen in Holland for a long time. The autumn lines of Dutch designers Puck & Hans received a unanimous accolade from fashion writers, ” Rarely have I seen a collection so consistently well thought out with not a moment of monotony,” wrote one critic. “It’s bound to arouse international interest,”

 Puck and Hans, the creative team who own a shop on Amsterdam’s Rokin, rely on impeccable quality and finish more than elaborate gimmicks in their hand-made clothes. There’s attention to detail, unusual cut and beautiful trimmings. This year Puck and Hans have achieved a rare balance of making clothes that are daringly different, yet not outrageous. Part of the collection was inspired by a recent trip the couple made to Egypt.”   So far this quote from Holland Herald magazine.

The show was such a tremendous success that the next day we completely sold out the whole collection!

Let us fill you in with a few ‘behind the scene’ details: the beautiful hair & make up by Augusto & John for A&J, masterful styling by Franciscus Ankoné, the steaming quadrophonical sound-track was exclusively composed for the event by avant-garde composer Michael Fahres, photography for  our invitation Wout Berger and last but not least: Mr Cees Goekoop, alderman at the Amsterdam city council, who so smoothly arranged a very exceptional official ‘vergunning’ to let us build a huge tent for more than 1500 guests in the romantic Vondelpark!

As accessories we used staggers which we had bought in an old Caïro bric-a-brac store,  shoes were specially made in France, fabrics we got from England, India, Italy, France and we used the most beautiful sequined fabrics and silk organza’s from Swiss manufacturer Jacob Schlaepfer. Very beautiful but really tres- haute haute-couture costing!  A boy who worked in our shop was so in love with this material a dress was specially made for one of Holland’s first fashion-gender-benders!

He helped making Amsterdam in one of the most gay-friendly and party-going cities in the world. He also was one of the reasons Jean Paul Gaultier and Gianni Versace visited Amsterdam so much in the ’80’s. An extremely lovely and beloved person. We’ll always keep the best of memories from him. His name was Ries . . .

A nice picture of gorgeous Appolonia van Ravenstein, AKA Apples, AKA Plonja, all dressed in Puck & Hans pure silk handwoven check top and skirt and suede star-hat.

These were the ingredients for our ‘Trip to Egypt’ invitation: Hans with Puck, who is ready to get behind the wheel of their Citroën DS23 and model Mieke posing for Wout on the border of IJsselmeer. No Photoshop in these days: the pictures were composed together with scissors and glue!


1 thought on “Short Cut to Egypt II

  1. Great memories. The best one!!
    I think no wonder it was such a hit.
    You remember the dramatic rehearsel.
    Great mix Egypt/India/Fab colors etc.
    Mattrass in the tent. Will we be able to sell so many tickets etc.
    All appointments  after 6 straight from Rijswijk P& C. 
    Checking the tent somewhere in Gelderland. Etc Etc.
    Without a lot of experience but with a lot of bravour and gusto.
    It was good like this. Never again.
    My god how many did I organise after.

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